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runways that we use for landing get cut down to one. we go to a single file line of aircraft. that's a big cause of the delays. >> reporter: they are using both parallel runways in foggy weather as long as planes are staggered a mile and a half. >> it went into effect on september 30th. it allows for both runways to stay in use during bad weather condition. it will start making some improvements to delays. >> reporter: that's great news, especially as she makes travel plans for the holidays. >> i hope it is successful. sometimes it is better to fly out of oakland because you don't have the fog problems. sfo is more convenient for me. i would like to see it not be as delayed. >> reporter: this program has only be in effect for the last 30 days or so. the weather has been nice. the airport hasn't really had a chance to test this out yet. >>> it's election day and the polls are open for a few more hours until 8:00 tonight. turnout is expected to be low. city council and school board races. it's a sunnyvale measure that's being watched across the country. gun control rules, tracking all sales
school student using a lighter to set his clothing on fire. >> very shocking. i'm glad we were able to arrest the person and get them off the street. it really, even after a career in law enforcement still find something like that really disturbing. >> meanwhile a fund for his hospital bills is now up to $20,000. oakland police are praising two men onboard that bus for putting out the fire and want to find them to honor them. >>> breaking news we want to pass along. we have just confirmed a statewide amber alert is over. the abduction was in sunnyvale earlier today when a father and his baby boy seen here have been found in southern california, across the border in mexico. kris sanchez is in sunnyvale where it all began with the latest. chris? >> hi. that's pretty much what we know at this point because the department of public safety has been tight lipped about any updates in this case. but we can tell you that the father, 22-year-old is now in the custody of american authorities. he was caught as he was trying to cross the border in lukeville, arizona. the baby, most importantly,
a bus. the da added the enhancement of a hate crime. surveillance video shows thomas using a lighter to set an 18-year-old on fire as he slept in the back of a bus earlier this week. his legs were severely burned in the incident and he's currently listed in stable condition. the mother told the oakland tribune that her son often wore a skirt and identified as gender neutral. >>> we have new details tonight in the case of a two week old baby boy taken from a sunnyvale home. the boy's father is accused of kidnapping him. he is jailed near tucson awaiting extradition to california. he was arrested last night after crossing into mexico. the newborn baby is said to be in good condition and in the custody of arizona child protective services. the boy's mother says he vanished tuesday night after the couple had a fight over moving out of state. >>> they expect to take a suspect wanted for rape into custody sometime soon. a female student came forward yesterday to report she was sexually assaulted early monday afternoon in a campus restroom and she knew her attacker. she was taken to the hos
or checkbook until you're ready to use them. have your keys in your hand when you get to your car. >>> a growing number of walmart employees say they just can't survive on the wages the world's largest retailer is paying them. many of the stores employees are protesting. what's up? >> reporter: you can see that protest is still going strong right here. that street actually just cleared a few minutes ago, but about 20 minutes ago five protesters were arrested here after hundreds took to the street shutting it down in front of the store. we are told they are being cited and expected to be released. that street has been cleared out. you can see the protesters are still out here in force on the sidewalks. protesters say the start of the holiday shopping season, black friday, is the perfect time to make sure the world knows walmart isn't paying them a living wage. it is part of a nationwide movement. protests were planned for 1500 walmart locations today. workers and their supporters want the company to play their employees a minimum of $25,000 annually. >> workers need at least 25,000
. we viewed it today. dy hernandez joins us for oakland. disturbing video, but what n it tell us? >> reporter: the vid is highly stu diurbing. it shows the teenageuspect lighti sasha's skirt laze and then on fire for 20 seconds. tonht the suspect's attory says his cient never intended to harmhe victim. >> wit every fiber of his being,e is sor. with every ounce o ergy he has, he wants to apologize. >> reporter: the dense attorney says tha wha the 16-year-old accusedf settg sasha on fire lasteek wants >> it was a ank.. it w thought nothing serious would happen at all, but then it was a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: the incident w captud on the bu survelance video. we got to watch it today, but we're no aowedo rebrodcast. hesed a lighter to set sasha's skirt on fir then darting out the bus door while sasha tries desperately t put the flames up running up and downhe bus aisle unl pasngers ste in >> we're not taking the position at this is a who dun it. >> report: he admits the vide clearly shows the incident, but he says it wasn a hat crime. >>s a matter of fact,e doesn't even know
suspects remain on interim suspension. the university told us they had provide a statement this afternoon. so far that has not happened. >>> more details now. the southern poverty law center, a major civil rights group, released a statement saying the san jose state university incident highlights a pattern of intolerance. communities must understand hateful actions, language, and symbols with no place in centers of learning or anywhere else in america today. >>> now to a developing story. a plea from a wife to north korean leaders. she wants her husband to be released. an 85-year-old man has been detained in that country. we have the wife's reaction. >> reporter: good evening. the wife releasing a statement through the channing house, the retirement community here in palo alto where she and her husband have been living. the family is very anxious. there must have been a big misunderstanding. it's been a month since they last saw and heard from him. his wife of 56 years said he was on a ten-day tour of north korea. he sent postcards to friends describing good times. family and friends say
. >> sasha told us which skirt they wanted to wear on the way home and i don't think that changes anything about the way sasha's going to express himself. >> we're just hoping that something good will come out of this. that you know, this kind of intolerance will be, people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> now, when i asked sasha's dad what the teenager is looking forward to the most, he said getting back to school and seeing friends. that's something they hope can happen next week. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. more details now. oakland mayor expressed her support for the teen in a tweet. delighted to hear sasha fleishman is is home from the hospital. wonderful news to help oakland share a happy thanksgiving. >>> tied up with tape over their mouth. that's what three san jose residents endoured for hours while their home was ransacked. tonight, the suspects are still on the run. we have more from san jose and the new developments. >> the home invasion robbery happened in this house.
donald's in the mission. the man in the photo just used the victim's credit card. >> we're still trying to confirm if that's him or not. the image is grainy. we have to make sure we can positively id him. >> the family says it is unusual for him to not keep in touch. >>> a san francisco judge began deciding whether a career criminal accused of killing a long-time federal investigator should proceed to trial. today relatives o convicted felony randy testified at his pretrial hearing that he is the girl's father. prosecutors claim she killed coke at an oakland hotel and dumped her body. the pretrial hearing is expected to last several days. >>> we have new details tonight about the shooting rampage at l.a.x. we know the primary weapon was legally purchased at a southern california gun store. paul ciancia could have fired the rifle without even removing it from a bag in which it was carried. a high school teacher who was shot has been upgraded to good condition. some are asking whether tsa agents should be armed. security at the nation's airport will be reviewed. >> the responsibility for protecting airport
. >> a thank to you the bay area for helping us with our holiday food drive. >>> good evening i'm diane dwyer. >> a fire burned several apartments and store fronts and the fear was much more was in danger. the fire marshal says there was concern the fire would spread to the nearby downtown area. >> reporter: take a look at the damage and see the building that went up in flames behind me. it's a half block from the burlingame caltran station and steps away from a lot of restaurants and shops. painting supplies were found on the first floor room where it's believed the fire started. it's likely there was a combustible item left near a built in floor heater which caused the blaze. however an investigation into the exact cause is still under way. the fire started just before 4:00 a.m. this morning and the fire crew who were the first on the scene actually immediately called for back up knowing this would continue to grow. about 70 firefighters were battling the flames at the height of the fire which took about an hour and a half to get under control. >> in this case none of the buildings on this
medications, including an anti-seizure drug. many of stow's complications are brain related. >>> many of us are lucky to spend thanks giving at home surrounded by family and friends. >> thousands of people are grateful for that. we have tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: she was lucky to have grown up in a large extended family that all lived near each other. 1400, that's more like it. it's also tonight's bay area proud. compared to what it looks like today, the livermore of the 1970s was about as small town as the bay area got. unless that is you just moved here from white thorn, california. population 250. >> oh, lord. have mercy. >> reporter: livermore was the big city. >> yeah. >> we need a ton of volunteers to help us move all this stuff out of here. >> reporter: this is the story of how over the past three decades she and her husband randy have been proving that size doesn't matter, except when it's the size of someone's heart. >> no matter how big a town gets or how small you may feel, there's somebody out there who will take care of you and help you and love you. >> reporter: an
where they told us to get off the plane, go get our luggage, and recheck back in. so i'm back here. >> reporter: five hours of travel time only to end up back in the bay area. she's hoping to finally catch a flight to austin this evening. >> just tired. >> reporter: many airline passengers were boarding or were already on when the shooting started. >> there was about seven. that was unusual. >> we turned to the news channel and all the news channels had it on there. we were just following it live as it was happening. >> anxiety, wondering what happened, if anyone was hurt, what exactly a security breach means, is it going to effect many airports? >> reporter: travelers should check ahead to make sure their flight time has not changed and give them extra time to get up through the newly stepped up security. >> 29 flights a day between those six airlines. >> reporter: it is quite calm here at san jose international airport because of all those delays. many of the flights weren't even all the way full. that's because of all of those issues. we did find one person who came in on a tucs
been knocked out. all of us are kind of concerned if he's safe. >> reporter: no one has heard from him since last night. other friends are busy helping to coordinate relief efforts. >> we collect as much as we can. >> reporter: the national alliance was created in 2009 and has an ongoing campaign to help victims of natural disasters in the philippines. >> we send it directly to the people and communities that have been affected. >> reporter: this typhoon comes less than two months after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit the same area. >> we need food and water. immediately after that, all the homes, which are very sub standard to begin with, we need to help them reconstruct it. >> reporter: he's a philippines former secretary of state. he says countless people will be affected by the devastation this last typhoon has left behind. if you want to help, there are links on to organizations that are raising money for relief efforts. in these situations, emergency relief organizations tell me cash is truly king. water and clothing is just too expensive to ship all the way oversea
time off perear to deal with familyedical problems. as it is, workers have to use their own vacation or sick days to get t teoff, b.a.r.t. clms the provision cld cost unions.a figure disputedy the b.a.r.t. strikes haverippled the bay area commutewice and riders we talke about are not ry happy about the thought of it happening again. >> it's not fair to t citizens this community to keep going through the drama over and over it affects their lives, their incomes. it just, it's as criminal as allowing theovernment to shut down. >> so what happens next? well the b.a.r.t.oard voted for its managers to return to the bargaining table. the unions want the contract signed by the board as is. the unions have already approved the language and the tentative contract so if there's a change, they would have ratify the agreement all over again. the b.a.r.t.oard is scheduled to meet on thursday, so we should know more by the end of next week. li in millbrae, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >>> a dramatic rescue on san francisco bay. caught on tape by people on ferry. coast guard officers received
sanchez joins us from city hall. >> reporter: 10% of a salary might sound like a big deal, but it brings the officers back to those 2009 pay levels when they took the pay cut the city asked for. i can tell you the city under the current contract really didn't have to offer anything. in a closed door session with a state mediator, they reached a tentative labor agreement that boost police pay. the council approved to a 4% raise this year. plus a one time 2% cash bonus no strings attached. it restores the 10% pay cut the unions agreed to during the economic slump. they're hoping this will stop the growing problem of officers leaving for other departments. >> we want to grow the force by an additional 200 officers after that. >> reporter: officers aren't just leaving over salary. they're leaving over pensions too, which are not addressed in this deal. >> you take what you can get sometimes. >> reporter: union members will begin voting on this deal a week from tonight. the public will get a look at it. the city council will vote whether to finalize that. that could happen as soon as december
by denying plans for a recalof the model s. but for a cpany thas been used to success after success and for investorsho have enjoyed a year of extremely strong gains, it's been aough few weeks for tesla. yesterday during a biness conferen in new york, excited investors about talking about plans to build an electric truck in the fupe eer future. i should point out that after a quick dip, tesla stock price recoverethis afternoon holdi steady after hours. >> very volatile market, tnk you. >>> we connue this coverage on our website. a live feed of the tesl building and stories about c fires thatcott auded to and also check the compans stock price on >>> alsoollowing develing news in sthern califoia. late this morning, four mares died after som military supplies exploded during a training exercise. here, camp pendleton, which is nortof san diego. the nes of the marines killed will be reased after t families are notified. now eight monthsago, seven marines wereilled in a mortar explosion while training in >>> new a 5:00, digging deeper into series of small rthquakes that h
are the most vulrable. the da who oversees the lab says the building has two water pplies. the water used in the labs i distilled and not impacted, so no penng cases or work with evidence will be effected. in abt a week, the county plans perform a major flush of the entire building toake build up and pose aealth the threat. as a result of what was found here, the county i now vowing to do more fquent water testing in this building, potential everywo weeks. >>> haening right now, the sear for a driver who literally ran off after a four-car ash. a man driving a toyo forerunner went out of the roadway starting a chain reacon crash. the forerunner hit a van who was the driver of the van was le helping another driver with a flat tre. the forerunnerot hit by a truck after it moved back on e freeway. all of this on 280 near black mountain road. two adults were taken to the hospital. they appear to okay. >>> it's a story that continues to unfold. a skirt wearing teenager who coid considers himself to gender utral set on fire on a train. s classmates are supporting him. >> reporter: students an
call hatred, bullying, and tormenting. the vice president told us he was at that rally and at that march along with other vice presidents here on campus. the president by the way is out of state on university business, so he was not able to attend that rally. why did this victim not come forward in the first place to begin with? the prosecutor says he just wanted to get along. >>> now to a developing story that's making headlines around the world. a palo alto man reportedly detained in north korea right now. what are you neighbors saying tonight? >> reporter: good evening. neighbors, most of them avoided media today at channing house, this retirement community where newman and his wife live. management is telling people not to comment on the situation. >> i was shocked and very hopeful that things will work out. >> reporter: the woman just leaving the channing house didn't want to show her voice nor give her name, but she did give us the impressions of the man. >> he had a marvelous sense of humor. he was always concerned for other people and is just a wonderful guy. >>
can see in the doppler radar scan, the heaviest band that hit us from about 11:00 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon has now pushed off towards the south, but we're definitely not in the clear. you can see as we put a scan on the radar we're still tracking some heavy rainfall just to the south of gilroy, gut for most of the bay area, we're just having a few showers across silicon valley, but overall that is still pretty seeing plenty of traffic heading tonight as we put on our traffic layer. what you're going to notice is a lot of red in the south bay. again, that is an indication of some of that heavier traffic that will continue to deal throughout portions of san jose. rainfall totals impressive. mount tamapais. mill valley, 1.5. even getting in on a decent amount of rainfall here in san jose with.49. here is the remarkable thing. the biggest 24-hour total of 2013 happening in san francisco, the past 24 hours as they did receive .91 of an inch of rainfall. the largest total now since we have seen since christmas of last year. we're going to talk more about another a little weak w
budman will tell us how the silic valley and local businesses are pushing the dow to this benchmark. >>> no agreement yet. the transit agency and its unions are still in disageement over aentative contract that's been ratified by thenions and board of directrs this week.rt >> reporter: the issues paid family leave. in the tentative agreement, both parties signed o on a provision in the cntract which says inpart, the district shall of paid time off to take care of family members, domestc partners, o bond wh a new chd. got a copy of the proposed agreement and the signatures a there, but last week bart management id it was a mistake. they say this provision w ultimaty supposed to be taken out of the final contrt in june. both sides took aook at th here numbers, but as ar as we know, nothing was decided. >> we never thought it was a mistake. we looked at the material. we looked at rtas and we were stunned and still remain stunned whatever they're callg a glitch could possib be made. >> there was a mistak through the clerical process. this was not what was bargained. provision could cost
war. >>ñr that's the biggest thing. behind us. >> reporter: in austin, texas twoq veteran saved the applause >>ay god bless the ship and >> reporter: in virginia, the navy welcomingxd the newest aircraft qcarrie the uss gerald r.q;nçord was chrissened by thef daughter. wh served. ian moore, c news >>> hundreds of pple joined today at a hike and bike ventcfn the soh bay.ok ople chose from a 4-mileçó walk or bik ride. the goal waçó to raise awarenes andw3ko funds and the crse recognized 33 years ofjfq fight. lbyrÑ beaiful weekend, evenÑi fr the beach perhaps. >> htanywhere. shut down duringhe government shutdown is back. >>ightfÑon. >> we'll show you more. okay. [son] all righshe has no idea. [man] no one told heright? [son]hi! [mom screams j(páu&e competition is back at oceanok b1dey it's part of e golden gate national recreation areat( swn the fedal government so the beachas shut qwn. studen from 20xdjf elementary schos built skand castles. it was fun but had challenges, o. sand but it's like the wetkoki has dri u it doesn't really stay, sou we had to use a lot of wa
, but it can't go on forever. he needs to be home. he needs to be back at home. >> the u.s. state department says the person's identity has not been confirmed and north korea is still not allowing anyone to see the detainee. >>> friends and loved ones are gathering for a candlelight vigil for a teenager shot to death while walking in a park. he was the victim of a drive-by shooting saturday afternoon. he was a student at foothill high school. they were walking near capital park when he was shot. >>> san jose police are investigating a crash that left a 3-year-old boy dead. police say the boy was in a stroller crossing the street with a 14-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl. the driver was making a left turn with the green light when he hit the children. the boy died at the hospital. the girls suffered minor injuries. the driver stayed on scene and cooperated with police. >>> the students and faculty in fremont are in mourning tonight. the football coach was hit and killed by a car on 680 saturday morning. he was trying to be a good samaritan and direct traffic around an early morning crash
. >>> today u.s. marines devered fd, water, andenerators to th pele of the philippes. the storm hit three days ago but t scene is ill cotic and tragic. authorities say they are survivors disparaesperate for supplies. fundraisers we held all across the country. >> it's so sad whas happened to the people. they lost evething that they have. >> many red cross offices are offering a service called "tracinfamily." here in the bayarea, people are trying to help. members of the national alliance of philippine concerns gathered this morning. some members colleed donations for the cause. many of the worried about the government in the plippines ility torovide essentials. >> it is just simple instructionto ensure the availabili of water. water is the number one. water, dicine, and food. >> if you want to learn more about how you can help he victimslog on to our website, nbcbayareacomnd search typhoon relief. >>> soany of us are honoring those who hav served in the mility. presidentobama placed a wreath on the tomb of theunknown. day he got his wish toeet mr.obama. >>> it's a special day not just for vete
miles per hour.f saturday could be another game changer for us. >>> staying i do on atuesday? what inspired couplesacross the air -- area to tie the knot today. >> we're back in a moment. >>> the santa cruz police permanent memial for officers called in the linef duty in that ciy. the memorial will be built at the police department where people have pled flowers and candles forwo officers. theemorial will designed by cal artists. >>> iant to show you live pictures o the new york ci looks beautiful. e world trade center is t buildingith the blinking lights to the rig of the pire ste building. today it was note as the tallest building in erica. the new world trade center is shorter than chicagos willis tower, but the world trade center has apire which makes it taller. a height coittee decided nce the spire is a rmanent fixture it is taller. it stands at 17,076feet. >>> the warriors are reised arena in san francisco.aterfront it will be loted on piers 30 an 32. here are some rendering. developers ha cut down the size of the ana and lowered e height of the arena. grass planted rooftop
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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